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Expert Pelvic Health and Sports Performance Care

Unlock your potential: achieve your goals, eliminate pain, and perform better!

What we do:

We understand that everyone has unique needs and goals on their journey to optimal health and performance. Whether you aim to regain your pre-pregnancy fitness level or are a weekend warrior striving for peak athletic performance, our expert team is here to support you every step of the way. With a comprehensive approach that combines pelvic floor care, manual therapy, corrective exercises, dry-needing, and targeted athletic skill development, we'll help you build a strong foundation for success.

The Empower Path to Athletic Excellence


Schedule a 60-minute Initial Assessment and Treatment

Meet with one of our specialized pelvic health sports performance experts so we can understand your unique challenges and aspirations and help you achieve your goals, eliminate pain, and perform better! 

No referral needed, just give our team a call!


Design a Plan that Suites Your Unique Challenges and Goals

Together, you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy will determine the best plan of care moving forward. Each and every plan is specific to each patient and tailored to best fit their individual needs.

better quality of life

Experience Sustained Relief as You Maximize Your Athletic Potential

You deserve to do what you love free from pain and other limitations. Reach your full potential and embrace how great you are!

What our patients are saying:

“Couldn’t ask for a better team! Not only have they helped me with my pelvic health, but I’m on my way to getting back in the gym. Best physical therapy office I’ve ever been to!" - KM

“I could not be any happier with my treatment from Empower Pelvic Health. I, personally, had immediate results after one session and have continued to progress toward my goals. Empower is definitely my go-to PT for both pelvic floor and sports related therapies.” - LC

"I absolutely love Empower Pelvic Health! My therapist is amazing and made me feel so comfortable from the moment I met her. After only a few visits I already feel an incredible difference. I wish I would have started going to Empower a long time ago!" - KK

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